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Quiet Season in Cape May

February 1, 2009

I don’t know where January went!  Certainly, it’s been quiet here in Cape May…  Having experienced nine good years at our Cape May bed and breakfast, we’re wondering what the new year will bring (along with everyone else)!

It was December of 1999 when we (Andy & Toby) bought the wonderful mid-Victorian home just two blocks from the beautiful beaches of Cape May, NJ.  People have asked if owning and operating a B&B was something I had always dreamed of – Like it’s a dream come true…Not exactly.  Though I could always romanticize my reasons; I had a more practical purpose in mind: To spend more time with my husband and young son.  I knew that I enjoyed meeting people, entertaining, and cooking/baking.  Andy’s business had taken off, so he was working long hours and weekends as a finish carpenter and installing custom kitchens.  He wasn’t complaining, but we both knew that it was taking its toll. We needed a change more than we even knew at the time…So here we are, and much better for it!

Quiet season in Cape May used to be (when we were growing up in the 70’s)  just after Labor day Weekend – to Memorial Day Weekend.  The town all but died, and  teens nearly went stir – crazy; though the nightlife, if you could pass for 21 wasn’t too bad.  No, it was bad.  Quiet season, now is January – March, unlike most shore towns, because we now have plenty of attractions and festivals to draw people almost year round.  Cape May also has moderate temps and gets little snow in winter – a major bonus!

So, today, we made a delicious breakfast for our four guests and sent them merrily on their way home.  The temperature when we got up this morning was 40, and by midday was about 50, with the sun shining brightly!  I no sooner cleaned up the kitchen and sat down with another cup of coffee to check email, when my best friend called.  Vicky was in town and wanted to take me out for lunch to celebrate my birthday!  Driving down Perry Street, she asked me where I’d like to have lunch.  ‘ Oh – George’s Place is open – Want’a go there?’  So, we did.  I’ve had dinner there numerous times with Andy, and always loved the food and service; but they’re not doing dinners during the quiet season – just breakfast and lunch.  Lunch at George’s is almost as good as dinner, and we enjoyed every bit of the experience.   After a superb lunch, we walked down Beach Avenue talking and laughing like a couple of school girls.  What a fine day to be out!  We crossed the street and walked the promenade along the beach exhalting in the winter sunshine, and smiling at passersby.  A storm is coming, we’d heard the weather, but for now, and all the more so, let’s celebrate the day!

Quiet season can be a time of renewal, a welcome reward for last year’s hard work.  It’s also a time to plan and prepare for the the seasons coming.  We’ve plenty of projects to complete, and the list is long; but today, I’ll celebrate life!

Happy February!  ~  Toby